Kawai GL-30 PE

8,490,000 Ft
Tax included Delivery time 4-14 weeks

Kawai GL-30 piano in black high-gloss finish

  • Length: 166 cm
  • Weight: 312 kg
  • 88 keys Acryl/Phenol coating
  • Millennium III mechanics







Kawai's new GL piano

The pianos of the new GL series have all the basic properties based on which Kawai pianos have been appreciated by pianists and music teachers around the world for generations.
Their creation was guided by one goal: to achieve a unique sound.
Kawai has been a pioneer of modern pianos for over 85 years, boldly using the most modern materials and innovations for the art of piano making.
Building on the experience and traditions of nine decades, using recognized technologies, it guarantees exceptional sound quality, which is recognized worldwide for its remarkable stability. This is the difference you will feel and hear for years to come when you choose Kawai.

The Millennium III action

The Millenium III action is built from ABS-Carbon components, which is a composite material with the infusion of carbon fibers to form the well-known ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is an exceptionally stable and rigid material that allows the production of lighter action parts without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger and faster impact that offers more power, better control and greater stability than traditional wood mechanics.

Longer keys

The longer keys make the game easier and we get a more perceptible reaction from the front end to the back of the playing surface. The higher profile and concert length make the keys even more stable, thus ensuring an exceptional energy transfer and optimal power.

A solid foundation for keystrokes

The cast frame is the "backbone" of the piano's tilt mechanism. The GL series die-cast frames are made from high-pressure pressed aluminum with Kawai's exclusive Dual-Beam design for strength and stability. Both the beam and the bottom stem are fixed in place, thereby preserving the strict dimensions of the form and thus providing a timeless feel throughout the life of the piano. The surface of the entire frame is finely toothed, keeping all the hammers firmly in place for optimal arrangement, and since the fixing screw of the hammer shafts is attached to the surface made of ABS plastic (/Carbon), the hammer screws can stay firmly in place. without loosening or swelling. All these meticulously designed elements form the solid foundation of the GL series, ensuring precise keystrokes every time.

The use of ABS plastic makes certain parts of the tilting mechanism extremely strong and durable. ABS plastic is many times stronger than wood and is practically completely resistant to any shrinkage or swelling that may occur in the case of wood, depending on the humidity of the air. This exceptional combination of strength and stability allows the ABS plastic parts to transmit energy to the hammers with unprecedented efficiency, power, precision and detail for a perfectly tailored playing experience.


Kawai concert pianos are famous for their expressive tone and dynamic range, which help the pianist communicate with ease and passion.


Agraphs ensure precision in the tuning, spacing and placement of the strings, creating a consistent sound and balanced delivery for each note.

The power of pianissimo

One of the most sought-after features of a sophisticated piano is its dynamic range - which enables the instrument not only to play thunderous fortissimo, but also the most delicate and sensitive pianissimo. The technological superiority of the Millennium III keyboard is the greatest proof of this extraordinary ability to create the perfect pianissimo. Ironically, the technology of the GL series is loudest when it "whispers".

Strategically tapering resonant solid spruce

Resonance is the soul of the piano. Its purpose is to transform the vibration of your piano strings into a rich, tonal sound.
Kawai exclusively uses longitudinally quartered, solid spruce when making the wooden resonators of the GL series. Each piece is strategically tapered, ensuring proper resonance in every pitch. Only those resonators are selected in the production of GL series instruments that meet or exceed the sound requirements set by Kawai.

Hardwood bridge

The bridge transmits the vibration of the string to the resonator. The bridges of the GL series are made of solid maple or beech wood and are carefully adjusted and fit exactly to the headstock for the necessary string tension and optimal tonal transmission.
"V-Pro" armor capital
The armor capital is the acoustically neutral iron structure of the piano, on which the strings are stretched. All the armor capitals of the GL series are cast with a unique vacuum casting process - 'Vacuum Mold Process' (V-Pro) - combined with 'Crossbone' design. The end result is an armor capital that is strong, stable and beautiful.

Steel, warp-resistant lock bar

A piano's lock bar is a long, flat bar that borders the front side of the keyboard. Since this is made of wood, it can warp and bend over time due to changes in humidity, thus causing the keys to hang. Preventing this problem, the GL series lock bars, reinforced with large diameter steel on the inside, prevent warping or bending in any direction. The keys therefore move freely, virtually eliminating the chance of any friction or sticking with the inner side of the lock bar.

Steel game table

The piano table must be strong and stable to withstand the constant weight of the entire keyboard at all times. The gaming tables of the GL series are made of extra strong, laminated hardwood, which are even more resistant with steel beam reinforcement, which increases their rigidity, thus preventing energy loss.

"Soft fall" closing lid

The closing system of the easy-to-close lid with a double damping mechanism protects your hands and the lacquer covering of the instrument from possible damage during closing.

The colors and surfaces shown may differ from the colors and surfaces of the products

Data sheet

88 billentyű ACRYL/PHENOL bevonat
Millennium III
I pedal
3 pedál,Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Keyboard cover
lassan lecsukódó
Black high gloss
312 kg
Sheet music
mahagóni kalapácsfej
Rear braces
3 db
ABS carbon technology
ABS Styrian
Tömör lucfenyő
3 db
Other features
Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID) Longer Keys Steel-reinforced keyslip & keybed V-pro plate
Duplex scale
húrozat tőke felőli, és hátsó részén
1 - 46 hangokig
166 cm
Armor capital
v-pro páncéltőke
Acélosított, vetemedésálló zárléc
Keményfa híd

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