Yamaha B-1

Yamaha B-1

1,775,700 Ft
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Yamaha B1 piano

  • Height 109 cm
  • Weight: 207 kg
  • 88 keys
  • Yamaha mechanics
  • Silent piano technology







Natural beauty

A piano is much more than just an instrument. It becomes a part of your life and, if you choose well, it can even accompany you throughout your life.

One hundred years of accumulated knowledge is displayed in one of our most affordable pianos. And all this was not at the expense of quality. No compromises had to be made in the quality of the material or the work. We simply managed to create a lower priced, yet full-featured Yamaha piano.

The NEW Yamaha b series piano is reliable and low maintenance. Every instrument leaves our factory in the most optimal condition, after the strictest quality control, prepared to serve for a lifetime, whether in a family house, apartment, or in an institution.

The "b" series instruments, like all Yamaha pianos, are the embodiment of special, natural beauty, combining art, expertise and technology: a real joy to play or own.

The new family member.

Yamaha's well-known philosophy reinterprets the concept of "value" associated with the b1 instrument. At a more favorable price than its smaller competitors, yet maintaining Yamaha quality in all respects, the b1 creates an opportunity to purchase a new Yamaha piano at an incredibly favorable price.


Yamaha also makes the keyboard in its own factory. The keys of Yamaha b series pianos are made of spruce. The wood used for Yamaha pianos first dries in a natural environment for 6-24 months, and then goes into the drying chambers controlled by the Yamaha computer. Since most of the piano keys are not painted, the appearance of the Yamaha keys is well influenced by the process of drying and aging. Thanks to this process, the keys are not sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.


The mechanics of the piano must be able to withstand continuous use, as well as withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Thanks to Yamaha's proprietary drying and gluing technology of maple - as the main raw material - the mechanics are precise and durable. All the parts that make up the 5,500 mechanics are made in-house. Extreme precision can be achieved with the machines developed by Yamaha. The tolerance of the holes in the mechanics, for example, is less than 0.05 millimeters. Yamaha was the first company in the world whose central rail was made of aluminum. Since aluminum can resist deformation to a great extent and is not affected by temperature changes, this reduces the deviation of the hammer's impact to a minimum.

Sound cabinet

For the b1 sound cabinet, also manufactured by Yamaha, the laminated pine base is coated with spruce. Very durable and not prone to cracking. This solution is resistant to changing environmental influences and the material retains its favorable properties for many, many years.

Cast frame

Yamaha is one of the few piano manufacturers that produces its cast frames in its own factory. The foundry is located in Iwata. The special V-Pro method's advantageous properties prevail in all b-series casting frames. During the V-Pro casting method, the mold is held together by a layer of plastic and the vacuum created in the dry sand. Compared to the traditional casting frame manufacturing method, casting frames made using the V-Pro method are more accurate and more reliable in quality. Yamaha developed this solution for piano production.

Tuning pin

For all of its b-series models, Yamaha also manufactures the string support parts in its own factory. The string parts are made of several layers of maple wood, which provides particularly strong stability for the tuning pegs. The layers of the perfectly dried string support are fixed at exactly 90° with special glue, thus preventing the material from twisting and shrinking for long-term use and stable tuning.

Yamaha also makes the tuning pegs in its own factory. Yamaha's tuning pegs are made of special, very hard steel, in order to withstand the tension of the strings. All tuning pegs are nickel plated to prevent rusting. Threaded tuning pins are made with an accuracy of 0.02 millimeters on Yamaha's own special production line. High accuracy is necessary for stable tuning. From entry-level models to concert grand pianos, Yamaha tuning pegs are extremely stable for accurate tuning and excellent sound.

Rear braces

The rear support elements of the b-series made by Yamaha were equipped with two additional corner fasteners. During traditional piano making, undesirable vibrations develop in the corner points. The mounting parts of the Yamaha heel prevent the formation of these vibrations. In the case of pianos, Yamaha attaches the corner braces to the wooden frame using a special support technique. The special support (parquet post) minimizes the amplification of certain unwanted frequencies in the corner parts of the sound, so the instrument sounds with a uniformly long decay. The special parquet support is a basic structure consisting of side supports and blocks, all sides of which are reinforced by glued wood.

String feet

All b-series strings are made by Yamaha. The hard beech wood provides stability and optimized sound. The string feet are designed in such a way that they are able to transmit the vibrations of the strings perfectly. The shaping of the sound is greatly influenced by the shape and placement of the high and low strings. Each b-series piano has a uniquely designed shape and setup. Despite the small size of the piano, there must be enough space for the strings. This can be achieved by placing the foot on the edge of the sound cabinet. However, in order to transmit the vibrations, the string foot must be centered inside the sound cabinet. As a solution to these conflicting requirements, the lower part of the string foot faces the interior of the sound cabinet, while the upper part, where it comes into contact with the strings, is turned outwards. All b-series models have an overhanging bass bridge and the b3 has an overhanging treble bridge.

Piano strings

The (steel) piano strings used in the Yamaha Indonesia factory are provided by a reliable, expert Japanese supplier. The b series instruments also have the same steel strings as the models of our prestigious and famous U series. Yamaha manufactures the bass strings for its b-series instruments in its own factory. Bass strings are made by hand by well-trained professionals. The raw material is high-quality steel, which is coated with copper. For precision and reliability, Yamaha has developed a machine that keeps the steel string at a constant tension during the winding process. Making bass strings requires extraordinary expertise, the strings are individually wound to match the sound of the particular piano.


Yamaha is one of the few piano manufacturers in the world that manufactures all of its hammers in-house. In order to make the best quality hammers, carefully selected materials and special machines developed by Yamaha are used. The size and shape of the hammer, as well as the flexibility, hardness and thickness of the felt material, are different for each model and adapted to the specific model. In collaboration with specialist felt manufacturers, Yamaha has established strict quality standards for the hardness and thickness of felts to be used on hammers. Yamaha hammers are designed in such a way that they optimally complement the design of each model and are able to provide the desired volume level at a constant level. Strict Yamaha standards for the hardness and thickness of the felt material ensure the durability and resistance of the felt to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.

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Data sheet

88 billentyű,felületük: Acrylic Resin (fehér) Phenolic Resin with Wooden Filler (fekete)
I pedal
Shift, Muffler, Damper
Black high gloss
109 cm
148 cm
54 cm
174 kg
b Series Special
Rear braces

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