Content Celeste 236

Content Celeste 236 R

Ár: kérésre

Content Celeste 236 digital organ with pull-out key cover

  • Keyboard: 2×61 sound church organ keyboard
  • Pedal: 30-tone parallel, concave or radial-concave
  • 4 completely different dispositions: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Symphonic.
  • 36 registers per style
  • copulas 3
  • AP (Programmable Pedal)
  • MB (monobass)
  • CF (cantus firmus)
  • Physiologic expression pedal 2
  • General crescendo pedal (programmable)
  • Detachable key cover
  • Organ bench
  • Memory bank 45 x 4
  • Crescendo bank 4

The new Celeste series makes the enjoyment of the Invention Technology recently developed by our company available to a large group of organ enthusiasts.
The Content Celeste is a versatile instrument that offers four distinct, unique soundscapes. These four different, traditional register compositions enable the performance of the works of great authors in the sound frames of their own time, so that the performed works can sound faithfully!

Elegant sound character
Technology contributes greatly to Celeste's sound and playing experience. Meticulous attention to detail and further refinements have created a dynamic, widely usable instrument that always inspires the organist to play more.
Reverberation after Content Convolution is a basic service in Celeste types, which preserves the unique characteristics of a given acoustic environment.
You can choose from ten different acoustic spaces. The sound reproduction technology creates an unparalleled sound experience with speakers powered by a digital amplifier system.
The result is an organ sound character that will bring joy and inspiration to both organist and listener for years to come!

By multiplying the registration options, with four unique sound samples per register, and the possibility to customize the organ and individual registers through the built-in PCC (Personal Control Panel) system, a very easy-to-use instrument was born.
Of course, each register is based on unique sound samples recorded on famous pipe organs around the world. Watch, listen, and play Content Celeste to see for yourself the true value of this beautiful instrument!

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