Kawai CN-201 SB

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Kawai CN-201 portable digital piano in black

  • Improved Responsive Hammer Compact Action (RH-C) keyboard
  • New Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Piano, EP, Strings, Bass, Piano Voices
  • 192 notes polyphony
  • Support for the latest PianoRemote controller and PiaBookPlayer score viewer apps on iOS/Android
  • Bluetooth Audio connection for wireless audio playback from smart devices
  • USB-MIDI port for easier connection to computers and tablets
  • Speakers: 12cm * 2







Piano sound: Celebrated concert pianos

The rich, expressive sound of Kawai's celebrated concert grand pianos is at the heart of the new CN Series, with both Shigeru Kawai's flagship SK-EX and highly acclaimed Kawai EX instruments lovingly recorded and faithfully reproduced in full 88-key stereo sampling. With two signature Kawai grand pianos, a traditional piano and the additional Shigeru Kawai SK-5 mid-size piano in the CN301, owners of the CN Series can explore a variety of piano sounds and enjoy the contrasting qualities of each. The latest CN series instruments use Kawai's advanced Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology with algorithms that reproduce how the tonal character of an acoustic piano changes as dynamics increase. This ensures seamless expression from soft pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo without sudden changes in sound, while impressive polyphony specifications allow players to perform complex pieces without the notes unexpectedly 'dropping out'. These realistic piano sounds are delivered by high-performance audio hardware and speaker systems, with the class-leading CN301 boasting four speakers and new diffuser panels that extend the instrument's sound projection in all directions. This technology is complemented by a newly designed mains adapter, which contributes to an overall smoother, clearer sound and ensures a faithful reproduction of the acoustic piano source - even when playing at high volumes.

The CN201 is the successor to the popular CN29 mid-range digital piano, featuring premium audio equipment manufacturer Onkyo's speaker system for richer, higher-quality sound. The CN201 also features an improved cheekblock control panel that is easy to operate with a modern OLED graphic display.

Finally, the updated CN201 features have improved the sound of the Shigeru Kawai piano, providing an even more natural and realistic playing experience.

Easy-to-use interface with OLED display

The CN201 features an easy-to-use control panel that fits neatly into the left cheekblock, with a high-resolution OLED display that provides information about the currently selected sound, function or setting.

One touch to the grand piano: Responsive Hammer III keyboard mechanics

The class-leading mechanics of the CN201 reproduce the sophisticated tilting of an acoustic piano, and the solid, springless design provides a balanced, natural piano playing experience. The instrument's modern 3-sensor system increases sensitivity and accuracy and helps minimize the horizontal movement of the key during staccato and fortissimo playing.
The weighting of the keyboard properly reflects the piano's heavier bass or the lighter hammers belonging to the high registers, in addition, the 'let-off' structure faithfully imitates the cutting sensation that can be experienced with finer playing. These important features allow even sophisticated pianists to practice, expanding their repertoire with confidence so that they are not surprised later during a performance on a grand piano.

Authentic 88-key weighting

In addition to the linearly weighted hammers, counterweights have also been embedded inside all the black and white keys of the Responsive Hammer III mechanics. Just like an acoustic piano, these finely balanced elements help to ease the tilting of pianissimo parts and give a more elevated feel when played with power.

3-sensor tilt detection

Responsive Hammer III keyboard mechanism uses a carefully developed 3-sensor tilt detection system, capturing the real piano tilt. The built-in third sensor facilitates repetitive playing and, unlike many other digital pianos with 2-sensor mechanics, each note is played with its full color without loss. In addition, Kawai's mechanical technology monitors the speed of play on all keys, thus influencing the piano tone emitted and providing a wider range of expression between staccato and legato.

'Ivory Touch' key surface

The stunning CN201 features Kawai's widely acclaimed 'Ivory Touch' ivory-effect keytop. The finely textured material gently absorbs the sweat and grease content of your fingerprint to help you control your keyboard playing. Furthermore, the absorbed moisture does not cause any dirt, the keyboard surface can be simply wiped with a damp cloth.

'Let-off' simulation

As the most authentic digital mechanics in its category, the Responsive Hammer III reproduces the trigger point characteristics of the original mechanics. It imitates the cutting sensation that can be experienced with more delicate playing, helping experienced pianists to precisely express pianissimo parts.

Grand piano sounds: Two world-class instruments

Awarded the title of 'Japan's premium instruments', Shigeru Kawai instruments grace the stages of concert halls and music institutions around the world, winning awards for their outstanding tonal clarity and exceptional dynamic range.
The CN201 has been given the sound of the sumptuous Shigeru Kawai SK-EX. This unique, widely acclaimed instrument is hand-built by master craftsmen at the manufactory in Ryuyo, Japan, creating one of the best in its class.
In addition, the CN29 also features the excellent sound of the highly acclaimed Kawai EX concert piano, which has been chosen by several professional pianists at the renowned Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Rubinstein international competitions.
The sound of both the SK-EX and EX pianos is faithfully represented with 88-sample Harmonic Imaging technology, setting a new standard for digital piano sound quality and making it available for musicians to experience their contrasting characteristics.

Complete 88-key stereo piano sound sample

The rich, expressive sound of the SK-EX and EX concert pianos is at the heart of the CN201, all eighty-eight notes of these two world-class instruments have been painstakingly recorded, meticulously analyzed and accurately represented in digital form.
Recording the notes separately in this way, as opposed to editing the same note to replace several different notes, helps preserve the rich harmonic character of the pianos and guarantees that the sound you hear is a reliable representation of the original acoustic source.

Harmonic Imaging technology

During the game, the effect exerted through the keyboard determines not only the strength of the sound, but also its characteristic tone. As a result, considering the acoustic sound image of the Kawai EX concert piano, not only each note was recorded, but also their different volume versions, from the gentlest pianissimo to the stormiest fortissimo.
The CN201 offers a finely detailed sound image - the 'Harmonic Imaging' technology provides an authentic tonal transition across the entire keyboard, across the entire dynamic range.

Personalized piano settings

It is essential for an experienced musician to use an acoustic piano to its full potential. In addition to meticulously tuning each note, he also makes various regulatory and tonal adjustments to ensure that the piano really sounds.

Using the CN201's 'Virtual Technician' 'Smart Mode' function, these parameters can be similarly set digitally, with ten preset configurations that intelligently adapt many of the piano's characteristics to different musical styles.
For greater flexibility, with the 'Advanced Mode' function, players can also shape the characteristics of pitch, sound, hammer and key noises, strings and pedal resonance using the Virtual Technician iPad app.

Digital piano diversity

Complementing the class-leading Responsive Hammer III mechanics and the beautiful Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound, the CN201 has a great range of additional tones.
Electronic pianos and organs or church organs, strings and other timbres inspire musicians to expand their repertoire, according to trends.

In the 'Dual Playing' mode, it is possible to combine two tones simultaneously, such as a concert piano with strings, while the 'Four hands' mode allows the keyboard to be divided into two separate 44-key sections. This can be especially useful in an educational setting where teacher and student can play a single instrument at the same time.
Built-in 'Lesson' function
The 'Lesson' function helps enthusiastic pianists learn classic Czerny, Burgmüller and Beyer and Chopin etudes or pieces from the popular Alfred piano school. The left hand or the right hand part can always be practiced separately, the built-in metronome helps to develop a sense of tempo and rhythm.

Integrated Bluetooth connection

In addition to standard MIDI ports, the CN201 is also equipped with a Bluetooth MIDI connection, with which you can connect to supported smart devices. After pairing once, you can easily access the instrument's functions with the help of Kawai's free Virtual Technician control app, which offers setting options in an enjoyable way and with an attractive interface, without the use of any cables or adapters.

Grand Feel pedal system

The reputation of the CN series as the most realistic digital pianos in its category is only strengthened by the Grand Feel pedal system developed by Kawai. This unique component exactly imitates the separate resonator, pusher and the positions and weighting of its extension pedals, thus improving the authenticity of the CN201.

Excellent experience with headphones

The CN201's Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology increases the depth and realism of sound through headphones. You can choose from three different acoustic settings, thereby dictating the spatial position of the sound, which helps reduce ear fatigue during practice with more durable headphones.
Furthermore, on the CN201 model, it is possible to select the connected head or earphone type for an even more optimized sound.

Voice assistant and voice sample preview

Despite the modestly sized control panel, the CN201 offers a wide range of digital options, including optional 'Vocal Assist' and 'Sound Preview' options.
'Vocal Assist' helps you verbally select tones and functions, while 'Soud Preview' demonstrates a sample or setting you have already selected with a short playback, thus reducing the frequency of browsing the user manual.

Great sound in a modern, compact design

The modern effect of the CN201 lies in the curved leg design, which is connected with a minimalist border to maintain stability. The flat, high-positioned game table gives the appearance of a traditional piano, and with a depth of just 40 cm, the compact structure of the CN201 fits perfectly in smaller apartments or other narrow spaces.

Wide, adjustable sheet music holder

The wide, adjustable music stand of the CN201 is designed to hold even ambitious works, with an excellent finish and a spectacular rounded design. Just like a grand piano, the desk can be customized based on the player's viewing angle, or it can be laid down for notation or writing down musical ideas.

The colors and surfaces shown may differ from the colors and surfaces of the products

Data sheet

88 billentyű, Ivory Touch felület
RH3 mechanika,let-off szimuláció és hármas szenzor
Sound source
Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ (PHI),88 hang minta
Továbbfejlesztett Kawai Shigeru zongora hangminta
192 hang
3 dal – max. 10,000 hang
Demo songs
19 +concert magic dal 40
Tutorial Function
Burgmüller 25 ; Czerny 30 ; Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A; Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B
Chopin keringők 1-19
I pedal
Grand Feel System, Tompító (half-pedál), Soft, Sostenuto
MIDI (IN/OUT), USB (to Host), Headphones x 2 (1/4", 1/8")
12 cm *2
Onkyo hangrendszer
20W x 2
Keyboard cover
Black satin
Concert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Studio Grand 2, Mellow Grand, Mellow Grand 2, Modern Piano, Rock Piano, Classic E.Piano, Modern E.Piano
Könnyen kezelhető interfész OLED kijelzővel
Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
Beats: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8; Tempo: 10-300 BPM
86 cm
136 cm
40,5 cm
43 kg
Virtual Technician
Virtual Technician Smart Mode (10 presets)
Voicing, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Cabinet Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay,
Other functions
Dual mód ,Négykezes mód
Other USB functions
Transpose, Tuning, Brilliance, SHS Mode, Phones Type, Startup Settings, Factory Reset, Sound Preview, Vocal Assist,Multi-timbral Mode, Transmit Program Change Number, Bluetooth MIDI
Touch Curves
Light, Normal, Heavy, off
Other tones
Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Slow Strings, Choir, New Age Pad, Atmosphere
Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant
60 hónap
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