Kawai GX-3 PE

Kawai GX-3 PE

16,390,000 Ft
Tax included Delivery time 4-14 weeks

Kawai GX-3 piano in black high-gloss finish

  • Length: 188 cm
  • Weight: 334 kg
  • 88 keys NEOTEX coating
  • Millennium III mechanics








The GX-3 impresses even with the qualities of much larger pianos with its dignified elegance and special sound. With excellent sound and versatile tilting, it's a popular choice for professionals.

The new level of the pianist is beyond imagination. It combines high technology and traditional craftsmanship. Knowledge and experience are applied from generation to generation. The "Made in Japan" philosophy is decisive in piano construction. The lightness of touch is experienced only by the most skilled concert pianists. A rich, vibrant, expressive sound that inspires your own creative passion. A new era for the pianist has arrived.

A beautiful touch to awaken our imagination.

The new GX Series pianos reproduce the fine control of a full concert grand piano, resulting in a level of refinement that few pianists can experience.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the length of the keyboard has been significantly extended, thereby increasing the fulcrum of each key. This extended key screw results in longer consistency when playing the back of the keyboard, giving the pianist greater expressive control and allowing the imagination to run free.

In addition, the GX series' advanced Millennium III keyboard mechanics incorporate the latest materials combining ABS resin with carbon fiber to further enhance the gaming experience. used in the aeronautical industry as a better alternative to wood.Using elements made of ABS-Carbon, the GX series key mechanics are much more durable and less prone to performance degradation over time, while improving responsiveness and playing experience. it is defined by your experience, from the first to the last note.

Clean tone that fills the room

In order to produce Kawai's distinctive sound, a wide range of woods must be thoroughly analyzed for quality and character before being selected as the best for each purpose. The resonator is arguably the most important component of the piano's individual sound elements. Therefore, experienced professionals carefully select the raw materials in order to achieve rich, deep bass sounds, as well as bright, colorful, sustaining treble sounds. In addition to the soundboard, bridges and ribs, we also carefully consider the optimal materials for the inner rim, combining the unique properties of different hardwoods to create a layered hybrid construction. This results in a wide range of sound that provides even greater expressive power.

In order to produce a richer, more confident sound, the overall rigidity of the body of the GX instruments has also been improved. The thickness of the upper beam attached to the outer spine is increased, allowing the pole blocks to be approx. Provide a tensile strength load of 20 tons. As the sound of each key improves, so does the sense of three-dimensional sound. In addition, the rigidity of the piano's carbon steel tuning pegs further increases the tuning stability of the instruments to meet the exacting demands of the finest pianists.

Quiet, yet strong, loud, yet subtle - a unique tonal expression

In order to realize the infinite expression of pianists, the GX series uses premium piano hammers. These hammers are made of wood with excellent acoustic properties, and the hammer edge is made of the finest quality, long fiber New Zealand and Australian wool. These felted hammers have a soft, delicate exterior, but are tight and stiff on the inside. When playing pianissimo channels, the delicate outer grain of the hammer hits the strings to produce a soft and mellow sound, while fortissimo channels use the tighter, harder inner feel to produce a louder, more powerful sound. Additionally, all hammers are shimmed to further improve their flexibility. These steps allow experienced pianists to make the most sophisticated sonic adjustments possible to maximize the instrument's excellent volume. A wide range of tonal colors from pianissimo to fortissimo and a rich variety of musical expression.

The device's duplex scale system further increases the volume of the middle and upper range, adding depth and width to the overall sound. For the final touch on the keyboard surface - the magical point where the pianist and the piano become one - all GX instruments include Neotex premium coating with white and black keys. This unique material has moisture-binding properties to enhance touch control and avoid mistakes, inspiring a sense of satisfaction within the pianist.

A lifetime of happiness, inside a grand piano

Keeping the design of the piano while continuing the new details of elegance - this is the design concept of the GX series. The exterior of the instrument is composed of delicate curves and broad musicality, which define the traditional characteristics and impressive form of a traditional piano. Extending the instrument's top beam thickness not only reinforces the piano's overall structural rigidity, but also serves to differentiate the exterior design, with Kawai's highly regarded painting and finishing process giving the piano body a distinctive glossy ebony look. However, the beauty of the GX series really shines when you open the top cover of the instrument. The fabulous luster of the gleaming gold frame, the fine woodwork and quality abundant appearance along the inner rim, the luxurious elegance of the rich black taste and the soothing display of hand-made craftsmanship - certified by the Kawai frame mark. These are the characteristics that embody the spirit of "GRAND".

Finally, the GX series devices have useful mechanisms such as the multi-angle piano cover elements and Kawai's original "Soft Fall" system, which gently and slowly closes the floor and protects the player's hands from falling-cover accidents.

The colors and surfaces shown may differ from the colors and surfaces of the products

Data sheet

88 billenytű NEOTEX bevonat
Millennium III
I pedal
3 pedál,Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Keyboard cover
lassan lecsukódó
Black high gloss
334 kg
Sheet music
széles, 5 fokozatban állítható
Kettős T-tűzésű nemezelt, mahagóni mag
Rear braces
4 db
ABS carbon technology
ABS Styrian
Tömör lucfenyő
3 db sárgaréz
Other features
Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID) Longer Keys Steel-reinforced keyslip & keybed V-pro plate
Duplex scale
húrozat tőke felőli, és hátsó részén
1 - 57 hangokig
188 cm
Armor capital
v-pro páncéltőke
Acélosított, vetemedésálló zárléc
Keményfa híd

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